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About Kat and Emily


Emily Inkpen

Co-writer, co-host, website designer and curator, designer, composer, facebook admin.


Katalina Watt

Co-writer, co-host, production and post-production designer, twitter admin.

A Cross-Atlantic Podcast

With Kat casting from Vancouver and Emily from London, More Than A Pair is a podcast about narrative design in games of all genres. Having met at the Glasgow University Creative Writing Group, both Emily and Kat are professional writers working together long-distance to keep their geekiness alive.

How it came about

In many instances female characters are still portrayed as objects in gaming; whether they're elements to be acted upon by male protagonists, or playable characters with exaggerated "assets". Despite this, Kat and Emily consider themselves to be more than just a pair of tits! They're thinking people who are keen to explore the elements of gameplay and storytelling that inspire them to keep playing, and the universal themes that are so prevalent throughout female experience.

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